Discover Why Tipsters Hate Me!

REVEALED: The true secret to successfully betting on horse racing and Getting The Profits You deserve!

Dear Friend,

If you want the rare ability to find success from your horse race betting, then this letter will show you how.

In the past you may have struggled to make a profit, that’s okay, it’s not your fault.

There’s a ton of information out there.

To make matters worse, each time you find something new it's completely the opposite of what you've been told before.

That's pretty damn confusing!

It gets to the point where you just want to shout... STOP!

Don't worry, you're not alone.

This feeling is called information overload, and on it's own it's enough to stop you from finding success in your horse racing betting.

If you're looking for clarity on what you need to do be successful.

If you're looking for a well trodden path you can follow to find long-term profits.

You're in the right place!

I’m going to show you exactly that over the next few minutes.

You may be worried that you just can’t succeed with horse racing betting because it hasn't happened yet.

I'm going to crush those fears right now.

You can do it.

I know you can because I've seen thousands of bettors just like you become successful and start to make a profit by betting on horse racing.

You just need the right person, and the right process, to guide you to becoming a winner.


you've been lied to

By tipsters, by betting 'gurus', by marketers.

You see, tipsters want you to think that you need their selections, or some fancy betting system, to be successful. 

I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong. 

They have their own reasons for wanting you to think you need them, but it’s not true.

You don’t need them.

In fact... they’re more likely to be preventing you finding profits than they are to be helping you!

Then there's bookmakers.

If you’ve ever thought that the bookmakers want you to fail, you’re right. 

They don’t benefit from you being successful!

Their aim is to keep you placing more bets with them, desperately trying to win, getting tantalisingly close, but never quite making it.

What makes me different...

I care about your success.

I truly want to see you succeed in horse racing. and living the life of your dreams.

That’s what we’re here for today.

I know you have a dream to find horse racing success, start winning, and make long-term profits.

By the time you've finished reading this letter, I'm going to have shown you how to make that happen.

If You're A Beginner 

I’m going to show you how you can find horse racing success on your own terms.

You'll always know exactly why your horse racing selection has won (or lost).

If You're An Experienced Bettor

You’ll discover how you can take back control of your betting, uncover more strategies, and make more profit.

The key to unlocking long-term horse racing profits starts with Foundational Strategies.

They're part of a framework to horse racing success that I've developed over more than fifteen years, and they're going to make it super-simple for you to win.

In the past fifteen years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be able to “work” when I want, from wherever I want.

I've been able to go on amazing holidays, enjoy nice restaurants, spend lots of time with my family, and the incredible experience of helping other people achieve their dream of finding success from horse racing.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, just a few short years ago I was in the same position as you, trying to get my horse racing betting profitable.

Back then I was working as a junior footwear designer, looking for ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side.

I don’t have any photos of me, but here's somebody far more attractive than me holding one of my shoes!

When I came across an advert telling me how I could make extra money doing very little work by simply placing bets on horses... I bought into it.

It completely failed for me.

I lost both the investment in the service, and the money spent on the bets.

I was broke.

I wanted to be able to take my girlfriend to nice restaurants.

I wanted to enjoy living in London.

I wanted to be able to do the things I enjoyed, rather than not being able to afford anything and rely on others to support me.

My family and friends were helping me cover bills, which in London were very high.

I wanted to show them, and my girlfriend (who’s now my wife), that I could support myself and be successful. That their faith in me would be rewarded.

I tried a lot of things that didn’t work 

I tried...

* Tipping services

* Betting systems 

* Staking plans

* One-click software

I spent hours in forums trying to learn what successful bettors were doing.

Everything I did ended up being unsuccessful. Sometimes in a matter of weeks or days!

It was then I started to realise a lot of the so-called ‘experts’ didn’t know any more than me.

Instead of finding success from horse racing, they were finding it from selling horse racing information.

Finally I got fed up, and decided to try poker instead.

If you’ve played poker you’ll know you have to understand the game to play it well. 

So... I went off and taught myself everything about it.

Not just how to play, but how to calculate pot-odds, how to know whether the risk of staying in a round was worthwhile. Whether there was value in the bet.

This honed my maths skills and within a few months I was grinding out a profit at online poker tables.

But it was tedious and boring. I spent most of my night playing poker, and then my regular job during the day.

So I took the lessons I’d learnt in grinding out poker profits, and put it back into learning all about horse racing, and...

...eventually I started to make small profits regularly!

I was just beginning to find my way around horse racing.  

I could almost touch the possibility of long-term profit and success when... my betting account got shut down. 

At the time I only had one betting account. Trying to open another resulted it in being shut after the first few bets.

Man was that depressing.

All the work. All the effort. It had come to nothing now nobody would let me place a bet.

Nobody knew I was starting to find some success. Now, if I couldn’t place a bet it would mean I would needed to keep working a job I hated. Yet again I wasn’t able to achieve the success everybody thought I could.

Honestly, it sucked.

In desperation I decided to look at American and Australian racing 

In America and Australia they use tote pools instead of bookmakers.

A tote pool is a way of betting where all the money bet on a race goes into a pool. This pool of money  gets divided equally amongst all winning bettors.

Because there are no bookmakers involved, it means your bets are always accepted.

Instead of betting on UK racing, I’d spend all night (and early morning) watching the American and Australian racing, going through the markets to decide who to bet on.

Afterwards I’d grab a few hours rest before going to work.

Around this timeI came across Dave Schwartz, a professional horse racing bettor in America.

He owned powerful horse racing software and I used to follow his threads, his advice, and eventually got the opportunity to speak with him about his methods and how he solved the puzzle of horse racing.

He showed me finding winners wasn’t the problem. 

Winners could be found every day, in hundreds of different ways.

The problem was...

Most bettors tried to go from losing straight to big profit in one single step. 

One morning we wake-up and decide we're going to be profitable today.

I recognised that was exactly what I did.

But... it’s just not possible to do.

You can’t simply decide you’re going to be a profitable bettor one morning, and have it miraculously happen!

It seemed so obvious.

Dave had spent years developing systematic processes to make a profit.

A lot of his methods could have been done faster by form reading. The human brain automatically has the incredible ability to put hundreds of tiny pieces of information together and make rational judgement on them.

It recognises nuances and converts them into logic.

A computer can’t do that.

A computer has to be shown how to use information it's given.

For us, as horse racing bettors, it means creating a 100% systematic approach to winning takes a long time, and a lot of trial and error.

In fact, it had taken Dave years of trial and error, practice and research, to come up with his methods.

I knew right then it wasn’t practical for me to try and make a 100% automated selection system, and it was never going to be practical for the majority of horse racing bettors.

I needed to find a middle ground.

I had to find a way to be able to use a systematic process to save time every day, without having to spend years and years researching and testing.

This became my new obsession.

I started digging into the strategies I was using and very quickly realised creating a systematic process to find the strongest horses in a race, instead of a winning horse, could be done very quickly.

Even better... this process could be repeated again and again and again.

But what was hard, was getting these strongest horse to achieve a level of profit of 5% ROI or higher.

It was then I realised...

I’d been focusing on the wrong thing!

My focus was how to achieve the profit I wanted.

That was my end goal, so it made sense.

But I should have been focusing on the much more important goal of the individual steps I needed to take to achieve that profit.

I was trying to start a business without a business plan, without any idea of how I was going to make it work. What I needed was the business plan, the blueprint to allow me to create the successful business I desired.

There was sudden clarity...  the secret to success in horse racing wasn't about trying to create a fully systematic process of finding selections.

In fact, initially it’s not even about trying to find a profit!

It’s about creating a success bridge that allows you to walk from the place you are currently in now, across to the side of success.

We need to lay solid foundations, and move across the success bridge one step at a time.

This allows you to focus on the most important element of each step as you go, getting it right before moving on.

The ultimate goal is always success, but the current focus is the step you are on.

In order to build this bridge for myself, I came up with a new concept in betting strategies and called them Foundational Strategies.

You MUST have a strong foundation if you want to find success

Foundational Strategies are that foundation.

They give you a rock solid starting point to begin moving from the side of the canyon you’re on right now, to the opposite side, the side of long-term profit.

That’s exactly what they did for me.

I went back through all my methods and strategies, all the systems I'd started but not finished, and converted them into Foundational Strategies.

The results were phenomenal!

I was so excited that I decided I had to share it.

After all, I'd only come across this idea by chance. By someone sharing their ideas with me, and I realised the most powerful way to succeed is by sharing what we discover with others.

In return they share their discoveries with us.

This sharing of knowledge and experience allows us to learn and improve together, as a community, faster than we would ever be able to on our own.

In order to share what I was doing, I started a blog to write my ideas on, to share my tests, my journey, and get others to tell me about what they were doing.

I also wanted to use it to help keep me focused, keep me on track to the success I wanted.

Over time I wrote hundreds of blog posts. I tested hundreds of ideas. I spoke with thousands of bettors.

The more I did this, the more I crafted my own methods and the more I realised Foundational Strategies were a framework that would work for anybody.

As I practiced building Foundational Strategies, the better I became at creating them.

But, even more importantly, the more people I shared my methods and strategies with, the more people found success with horse racing, and I discovered the incredible pleasure and excitement of helping others achieve their goals.

So far to date, I’m gobsmacked to say...

over 500,000 people 

Have now read my blog posts, and implemented the strategies and techniques I’ve shared through the Race Advisor.

As I discovered that helping others achieve their goals was far more satisfying, and made me feel better, than achieving my own, I decided to create software to speed-up my own methods, to enable me to have more time to help others.

Like everything, I shared these tools, and by doing so, others shared their ideas with me, and together we made them better and better.

Around me the journeys and transformation of people into profitable bettors started to become more widespread, it's incredible to see.

I’ve seen people with zero horse racing experience become successful within months, and others with a lot of experience increase their profits 5x, 8x and 10x.

After I discovered Success Bridges and began using them, I was able to create industry leading tools based on each of the steps in the bridge, to accelerate the journey.

These tools have helped thousands of bettors find success and profits, and I was finally able to show my family and friends the success I was having.

Even better, my girlfriend, who I'm lucky enough to call my wife now, was able to pursue her dreams.

Now it was my turn to support her and our two amazing children.

Together we’ve watched as thousands of horse racing fans have discovered that they can achieve their dreams of profit 

By using Foundational Strategies, and walking across a Success Bridge, anybody can achieve the profit they’ve been searching for.

Right now I want to share with you three secrets to horse racing profits:

Foundational Strategies

Instant Expert System

The Empire Growth Method

Secret number one 

Will stop you falling into the “losing bettors trap”, and i'll show you how to uncover unlimited ways to find winners and long-term profits.

Remember earlier i spoke about the framework i developed to help me achieve horse racing success?

I’m going to walk you through the first part of this framework. I call it the... 

Foundational Strategy Blueprint To Winning!

You’ll remember that Dave had told me it had taken him years to come up with a method that was completely automated. A method that made regular, consistent profits.

So... I went and got my head stuck into the papers of statisticians such as William Ziember, and well known horse racing modellers such as Bill Benter and Alan Woods.

Having read their papers, I knew what Dave was saying was true.

Everyone who came up with a 100% automated selection process had spent years doing it, and most of them used fancy algorithms and complicated maths that blew my mind!

I knew the human brain can automatically take tiny pieces of information and combine them together in a way computers can’t easily do.

So... I began to look for a way to use a systematic process to give the benefit of speed when finding selections, but still allowed our own brains to connect the final pieces of the puzzle.

Going back to the basics and testing fully systematic methods was my first step!

The results were bad.

Even systems that made a profit only provided a very small edge. An edge which was rapidly eroded away.

And of course... as soon as the edge disappeared, the system started losing.

It meant a constant process of building, monitoring and changing systems to enable the small advantage I'd found to stay profitable.

Very quickly I realised it wasn’t going to work in the long-term, so I went back to form reading.

Form reading worked well. But... it took hours!

On average it takes me thirty to forty five minutes to analyse a race, which means you have to specialise in races.

Specialising in races allows you to spend four or five hours a day analysing only five or six races.

The results were good.

But I didn’t have the time to spend every morning analysing races, and every afternoon betting.

I needed to find a quicker way.

Then I had my AHA moment.

I realised I needed to break down my form reading into two groups, systematic and non-systematic.

I have a three step process for form reading. It looks like this:

Step #1 - Find the Eliminations (worst horses in the race)

Step #2 - From the horses left, find the Contenders (strongest horses in the race)

Step #3 - Analyse the Contenders to confirm whether they have performed well over similar conditions, and determine which are worth risking a bet on and the best type of bet to place.

When I broke it down like this, I realised I could make steps one and two completely systematic without difficulty or complication.

Not only that, I could create almost unlimited ways of achieving these steps.

But, what was very hard to make systematic, was step three!

This is human intuition. It's the human brain connecting tiny pieces of information together and assessing them instantly.

To create a working strategy quickly, step three would have to be a manual analysis.

What I needed to do was find a way to simplify the analysis so it could be done even if you had no experience.

Steps one and two are the foundations to my method, and step three was the finesse. I began to make systematic contender selection processes using steps one and two, then I’d take those contenders and cross-check them manually.

When I began doing this my results started to rocket and the time I was spending finding selections dropped 

It was taking me only ten or fifteen minutes a day to find contenders.

All that was left was to confirm their ability over similar conditions.

Because I was spending so little time finding selections, I had the time to create more Foundational Strategies, find more contenders, bet on more selections and increase turnover.

Which meant more profits!

Why do we use this process of Eliminations, Contenders and Selections?

Because we always want to start with the easiest horses to find.

The easiest horses to find are the ones which have no chance of winning the race, the ones we call our eliminations. In most races there will be more horses that are eliminations than anything else.

Once we’ve found the easiest horses to spot we move to the next easiest... the contenders.

Finally we come to the hardest horses to find, the ones that will make us our profits.

Following this process means you can logically go through the horses in a race to find the ones that may be suitable for us to place a bet on, narrowing the number of possible horses at each stage.

Using Foundational Strategies only takes four steps...

Step #1: Choose a Foundational Strategy from Race Advisor Pro that suits your risk profile of strike rate and expected length of losing streak.

Step #2: Follow the rules to find the Contenders each day, or use the system builder to find them for you.

Step #3: Use the rapid FMFR (more on this in a minute!) form reading technique to confirm the horses ability.

Step #4: Place bet with your preferred bookmaker or betting exchange.

Using this unique approach hasn’t just worked for me, it’s also worked for countless people, such as Chris, who said:

I won’t be the first, or the last to tell you, today using your software and clear video instructions, I trebled my bank!

I wrote down your instructions using the VDW video, and followed it. I am AMAZED at how good today’s selections performed.

I’m not a complete newbie, I’ve tried many so called ‘systems’, but never experienced a day like today.

What I like is the fact you put yourself on screen, and actually help people, unlike some of the chancers I’ve sent money to.



Secret Number Two

This secret is going to show you how To Become An Instant Expert With A Mind Bending 5 Minute Form Reading Technique To Know If A Horse Can Win!

You probably think form reading seems like it’s a bit complicated.

Which is completely understandable!

There’s loads of numbers, and there seems to be so many things to check it's impossible to know where to begin.

Which is why I created the FMFR, or Five Minute Form Reading, technique.

Form reading takes time, even if you know what you’re doing.

When you’re new to form reading it takes even longer, and it's very difficult to have the confidence to know whether you’ve interpreted all the historic form correctly.

As I’ve already mentioned, it takes me between 30 and 45 minutes to analyse a race manually by reading form, and I've been doing it for years!

Having distilled my form reading method down to three steps, and having made two of those steps systematic, I now had to find a way to unravel the matrix of numbers in horse racing to a few simple, quick steps that could be done by anyone, but without losing any accuracy.

I spent months trialling different methods and techniques... none worked.

I made notes.

Binned them.

Made more notes.

Binned them.

I went down every rabbit hole I could find, and every time I hit a dead end!

I hit the rewind button 

I needed to do exactly what I’d done with my original form reading process. 

It needed breaking down into simple stages.

Which is  when I created the FMFR Method.

Because here's the thing...

As long as you know that a horse is a strong horse, which we call a contender, there are only four things important in determining if a horse is likely to win or not. They are:

1. Similar race type
2. Similar ground conditions
3. Similar distance
4. Similar class

In just five minutes you can know if a horse will perform well in a race, even if you’re brand new to horse racing! 

It takes just five minutes to learn how to use it, and then five minutes per horse.

The FMFR Method is quick, simple, and extremely effective.

It's a paint-by-numbers technique to form reading.

If you’ve never read form, or found it overwhelming and complex, this is going to make it super-easy. 

If you already read form, this is going to simplify your current method and speed it up. 

But if you’re thinking  you don’t know how to read form, or are worried you don’t know how to read a race card, don’t worry. This technique can be used by anybody, even if they’ve never seen a horse before!

Using form reading to make a profit is a skill that’s considered to be the height of mastering horse racing.

It used to be reserved exclusively for people who had endless hours to practice.

Now that’s all changed!

As Paul says…

Hi Michael

Just wanted to thank you for your brilliant software and your amazing ability to show people how to read a race card.

Out of 25 bets today ( mixture of win and place bets), with one race to go, only 4 have not come in.

I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to profit from horse racing.

Many heartfelt thanks



Secret Number Three

As bettors our focus is often in the wrong place, and it's not our fault.

It's in the wrong place because everybody keeps distracting us.

When we first get started our goal should be to maximise our bankroll growth. However, most of us tend to focus on making as much profit as possible. Of course that's ultimately what we want to do, but in the beginning this leads to over-staking.

And... if we over stake... we will eventually hit a losing streak that will wipe out our bankroll.

Every day I see bettors stop using winning strategies that are failing because of over staking.

Instead of focusing on profit, we must focus on bankroll growth.

Right now I want to share with you How To Maximise Your Profits Without Risking Your Bankroll by using the SSP staking method.

If you’re anything like me you’ve tried a lot of staking plans.

There are hundreds. When you first start using one it always start well. You get an increase in profits, you make great returns, and everything feels awesome.

But then…

It starts dropping off! 

The winnings turn to losses, and almost quicker than you know what’s happening you’ve lost more than you started with.

It sucks.

So I investigated what was going on.

Why Do Staking Plans Fail? 

There are just three reasons.

Staking plans fail because:

1. They aim to recover your losses

2. They stake more on losing bets than winning bets

3. They reduce your advantage and ruin a good strategy

This is how loss recovery works...

Try to recover £25 @ 3/1 you stake £8

Try to recover £33 @ 3/1 you stake £11

Try to recover £44 @ 3/1 you stake £15

Try to recover £59 @ 3/1 you stake £20

Try to recover £79 @ 3/1 you stake £26

Try to recover £105 @ 3/1 you stake £35

With six losing bets, trying to recover an initial £25 loss, and average odds of 3/1, you'd go from staking £8 to £35 in just six bets! 

And... this doesn’t include trying to make a profit.

Of course, not every bet would be at odds of 3/1, but this is just an example to show what I uncovered. 

In six bets you have increased your stake size by 438%.

Imagine if you had 10 or 15 losing bets in a row!

You would need an endless supply of money to be able to make this work.

Whatever way you look at it, if you try to recover your losses, mathematically you will eventually end-up losing everything.

Then this blew my mind...

...when you use a staking plan, the stakes are lowest when you win.


When you use a staking plan, your stakes are at their lowest when you win!

It's because there are no losses to recover when you're winning, so your stakes plans usually make your stakes the smallest they can be.

When you start to lose bets the staking plan increases your stakes to try and recover the losses.

This means the more you lose the higher your stakes go, and the result is you bet more on your losing bets than your winning bets!

When I realised that staking plans were doing this, I asked myself…

Would you want to bet more money on your losing bets than your winning ones? 

Obviously we don’t want to bet more money on our losing bets, but using staking plans that’s exactly what I was doing!

What all this means is... most of the time staking plans turn winning betting strategies into losing ones.

They strip away the advantage you've worked so hard to gain.

Realising this I started searching back through all the strategies I’d stopped using and very quickly saw that most of them hadn’t stopped working, the staking plans I had been using were literally forcing them to lose.

If I hadn’t used those staking plans, they'd still be making profits.

It was then I had to be honest with myself 

Why did I want to use a staking plan? 

There was only one reason.

I felt the profit I was making didn’t justify the time I spent finding selections.

Have you ever felt like this as well?

The bottom line was...

I wanted to make more profit than flat stakes would allow me.

Starting with a £200 bankroll meant that I would only be staking £2 bets, so I’d be making a few pennies profit.

It didn’t feel like it would be worth my time, so I tried to find a way to make it profitable enough to make it worth my while and turned to staking plans.

That was my mistake.

This time I needed to find a way to maximise the profit, but without trying to recover losses, and without turning my winning strategies into losing ones!

That answer was the SSP Method.

Even better, it uses only three steps for staking:

Step #1:
Start focusing on growth instead of profit

The bigger your bankroll is the bigger the stakes you can place. The bigger your stakes the more profit you make.

Rather than trying to make as much profit as possible from the beginning, I decided to focus on growing my bankroll as quickly as possible. This would allow me to bet bigger stakes without increasing my risk.

Step #2:
Choose the right Foundational Strategy

The focus being to maximise stakes and increase growth of the bankroll.

Step #3: switch from flat staking to optimised staking 

When your bankroll has grown big enough and you've repaid your initial investment into it. It's time to switch to optimised staking, and start adding in other Foundational Strategies.

Using the SSP method I began to:

* Grow my bankroll rapidly

* Quick be able to take out my initial investment

* Maximise bankroll growth

* Switch to optimised staking significantly reduced risk whilst continuing to grow the bankroll optimally

When you start focusing on bankroll growth, and use the SSP Method, you will begin to get incredible results.

Mark said:

I’ve been using your data to achieve just over 200 points profit per month from four systems.


Secret #1 + Secret #2 + Secret #3 = SUCCESS

If you follow what I've just shown you in Secret #1 and used a Foundational Strategy to stop you falling into the “losing bettors” trap.

Then did what I showed you in Secret #2 and starting using the FMFR (Five Minute Form Reading) technique to know whether a horse is going to perform well in today’s race.

Followed by Secret #3 and implementing the SSP method to maximise your bankroll growth, repay your initial bankroll investment, optimise your staking to reduce your risk but still maximising the growth and profit of your bankroll.

If you did these three things do you think you could be a successful horse racing bettor?

Success is different for everybody.

It might be building an income from betting and making regular profits. It could be focusing on weekend racing and walking away as a winner. Or you may just want to enjoy watching as much racing as possible, and be happy with a small profit as long as you can bet in every race. 

Whichever it is for you, there is one thing which ties all forms of horse racing success together.

Long-term success.

There's no point focusing on the short term. 

Focusing on the short term traps us into chasing the latest golden bullet. The only guarantee this will give is.... a long-term failure.

We need to change our mindset to one that enables us to succeed, and once we've changed our mindset to focus on long term profits, we give ourselves the space and time to get our strategy working.

If you’ve been betting on horse racing for a while and haven’t found success yet, you must ask yourself…

Is there any point doing the same thing you’ve already been doing? 

If it’s not worked for the last year, two years, five years, ten years or longer, it’s very unlikely to suddenly start working now!

In order to win, to make profit, you need to change what you’re doing.

You need to start a new journey of discovery that will take you to horse racing success and the profits that you want.

We’ve just covered a lot of ground, and it might feel a little bit overwhelming.

Horse racing is like that.

There’s huge amounts of information, so much that it can become overwhelming.

Most people try and tell you all you need to do is follow their approach,  follow their strategy.

Problem is… that doesn’t work.

But you already know that, because you've tried!

The only way to find long-term profit and success in horse racing, is to have a strategy that’s designed specifically for you, to work in the same way you work.

That’s why I spend hours with our members, helping them choose the right strategy to start, and then we still adapt it to suit each person.


Because everybody is different.

I'd like to help you implement everything you’ve learned here, and more, and give you the opportunity to get personal help from me so you can become a profitable horse racing bettor.

Over ten years ago I started the Race Advisor with the single focus of helping horse racing fans become long-term profitable bettors.

In the beginning I was teaching the methods and techniques that worked for me.

That was great for some people, and not so good for others.

Then began to refine the process, software, strategies and tools in order to make them work for anybody.

Doing that I uncovered what it took to turn anybody into a profitable bettor, which is why...

Race Advisor Pro can turn anyone into a profitable bettor! 

But there is one requirement... you actually want to be a profitable bettor.

As a Race Advisor Pro member, you’ll be able to get rid of:

  • Profitable Tipsters
  • Betting Systems
  • Formbooks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Forums
  • Rating Methods/Tools
  • Ebook Guides
  • Trading Systems

And most importantly... the endless search for something that works.

Instead you'll...

  • Start Finding Winning Horses Instantly
  • Begin Making Long-Term Profits
  • Have Access To The Best Cutting Edge Horse Racing Software
  • Know Exactly What Strategy To Choose (and why)
  • Understand When To Bet And When Not To Bet
  • Be Crystal Clear On How You Should Stake

Full Support Until You're Profitable (and beyond)

When I was first figuring this stuff out, I ran into a big roadblock. 

I didn’t know how to find strong horses... I didn’t know how to confirm if horses were going to run well in their race.... I didn’t know how to stake properly to win.

I'd tried everything, and nothing had worked, so I had to create horse racing ratings. I had to create software. I had to create strategies, and I had to create staking plans for myself.

Even way back then I spent tens of thousands of pounds, and years of time, to figure out how to win.

But I don’t want you to have to re-create the wheel!

I’ve already got a proven horse racing framework for success, and I’m going to just give it to you with this package.

When you use the tools and implement the training, you'll save years of wasted time chasing down betting systems and tipsters that are doomed to failure. Not to mention the tens of thousands of pounds in their fees and bets.

If you've ever thought that learning how to find your own selections was too complicated....

* Foundational Strategies were developed to keep the process of finding winners as simple as possible.

If you've ever thought that learning how to find your own selections would take too much time....

* The contenders for each Foundational Strategy can be found by your expert system builder every morning. Choose one strategy,  spend a couple of minutes using the FMFR method to confirm whether they’re a bet, and place your bet!

If you've ever thought that you don't have the experience to be successful...

* When you use a Foundational Strategy and combine it with the FMFR Method, you don't have to have any experience to be playing at an expert level.

As a Race Advisor Pro member you'll get instant access to all our Foundational Strategies.

These have a total value of £2592 per year (£27 per month per strategy). 

And... you’ll get access to any new Foundational Strategies so your portfolio will continue to grow.

Foundational Strategies Are...

...a method I invented when I realised I needed to quickly create unlimited profitable strategies.

I needed to develop an approach which had the speed of systematic systems, but the expertise of form reading.

Foundational strategies are the answer.

They’re quick, easy to get started with, and while you’re making a profit, they're teaching you how to be an expert bettor without you realising it!

You may remember that using Foundational Strategies only takes four steps:

Step #1: Choose a Foundational Strategy that suits your risk profile for strike rate and expected length of losing streak

Step #2: Follow the rules to find the daily Contenders or use the Expert System Builder to find them for you automatically

Step #3: Use FMFR Method to confirm the horses ability

Step #4: Place a bet with your preferred bookmaker or betting exchange

Let me show you somebody who's already had a chance to go through this process.

Just had to let you know how I got on today. My first day using the Race Advisor Pro website was amazing, these are some of my results:

Game And Set PLACED @ 10/1
Da Dou Ron Ron WON @ 100/30
Annie Angel WON @ 8/15
Sleeping Lion PLACED @ 5/1
Jens Boy WON @ 2/1
Duneflower WON @ 11/1
Hamish Macbeth WON @ 9/4
Compton Poppy WON @ 16/1
Arigato WON @ 6/1
Gilt Edge PLACED @ 10/1

Thanks Sue


On her first day Sue found seven winners and two placed horses.

Of course, not everybody gets a first day like this, but it shows what you can achieve.

I want to make sure you realise this is for people who are just starting out, getting into horse racing for the first time, and it’s also for those who are already experienced, and want to make more profits or add more strategies to their portfolios.

You might be thinking you can’t get started with Foundational Strategies because you’ve tried doing form reading before and found it stressful.

That mistake will hold you back from success, because the FMFR method has been designed to make form reading stress free.

It enables anybody to be a pro form reader in just four simple steps.

I got my wife to test it, she's never looked at anything more than the name of a horse, and she was using it successfully in five minutes!

Combine this powerful technique with the contenders from your Foundational Strategy and it’s almost impossible not to find success.

When you become a Race Advisor Pro member, you’re going to get instant access to:

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year) 

Total Value: £2268 per year

The only way to decide how good a horse is... use ratings!

To make a profit you must have the best ratings.

I bought every horse racing book, product and guide out there to learn how to rate horses. But time and again I found that the ratings were ineffective because they didn’t measure a specific area of a horses performance. They didn't try to uncover something new.

There’s no point rating a horse based on it’s last finish position. Everybody knows what position the horse finished in its last race, which means you can’t make any profit using that information.

Eventually I came to the conclusion I was going to have to create my own ratings.

Over more than six years I created, developed and tested ratings.

In the end I was left with 463 ratings that measure every possible aspect of a horses performance, and I threw away thousands more that were ineffective.

Now you can get all the ratings I ever developed in a few clicks.

Inside your Race Advisor Pro members area, you can instantly see the ratings from the Standard race card.

But... head into the Settings (like you can see above) and you'll be able to create custom race cards.

Custom race cards allow you to add any ratings you want to the race card. You can browse them all, or look specifically for form, speed, class or connections based ratings.

Drag and drop to change the order they appear on your race card, save to start using and come back and edit whenever you like.

It's never been easier to have the ratings you want at your fingertips, when you want them.

Michael, your cards are like science GENIUS!

Ian Phillo

I wouldn’t go so far to say they were science genius like Ian, but I am kinda proud of how well they work!

It doesn't matter if you’re a maths genius or, like me, use your fingers to add up!

Because there are no sums to do, the ratings are ready to be used instantly, you don't have to worry about doing any maths, use spreadsheets or do any complicated calculations.

If you've ever been concerned that learning to read ratings may be complicated, I've got some great news for you.

It's not.

You only need between three and five ratings to make a profit.

This keeps it quick and simple to find selections, and is the exact philosophy we use when creating Foundational Strategies.

With access to all my ratings means when you decide you're ready to take your betting even further, you can create unlimited strategies for yourself.

Unlimited strategies mean unlimited profitable angles. 

Of course, the complete training inside the members area will take you through how to do this step-by-step.

As well as...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)

463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Total Value: £2592 per year

Being part of the Race Advisor Pro community means you'll get access to:

Instant Contenders In Every Race!

These contenders have previously sold for £47 per month, or £564 per year.

If you’re short of time and want to know instantly which are the strongest horses in the race?

The winner will come from these three horses 58% of the time, across all race conditions.

Brian said about them…

Hi Michael,

This is to let you know that it couldn’t be going better, following your webinar last week.

So far, I am 5 Wins and 1 loss at 80:20 bets, and 9 Wins and 4 losses at dutching.

Your stress on due diligence on contenders is very well placed.

It is the bets I am not making, that are making all the difference.

My strike rate is improving all the time and I had 4/4 winners today.

Brian Frew

If you're an experienced bettor and want to get rid of the clutter and noise on a race card so you know exactly which horses to focus on, this will work for you.

Or... if you’ve just started getting into horse racing and are feeling overwhelmed by all the numbers and information. In one click remove the noise and find where the winners come from 58% of the time.

You may feel that even if you get the Instant Contenders you won’t know what to do with them next, you’ll be confused.

But I’ve stopped the confusion, because there's a Foundational Strategy which shows you exactly what to do.

Which means you’ll never be left wondering about the next step on your journey to horse racing success.

As a member of Race Advisor Pro you'll get:

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
* 463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

* Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Total Value: £3256 per year

On top of that, you’ll also access PR Odds.

artificial intelligence odds line and value indicator

The amount of coding and testing that has gone into it is insane. 

So much, that even at the £924 a year they’ve sold for before, it's a bargain.

Here’s what Adrian said about the PR Odds odds line and value indicator.

Hi Michael, I must say, very impressed with site and data. PR Odds ratings have been incredible. That is all, just been very impressed since I started.

Adrian Scott

If you’ve never heard of value, or aren’t sure what it means, I don’t want you to think that you won’t be able to use this successfully.

With a green highlight showing any horse that’s got value odds in a race, all you need to be able to do is check out if your selection is highlighted green. Green means there's potential value! 

Of course, if you’re the type of person who likes to dig into odds lines, you can go as detailed as you desire.

Once you're part of the Race Advisor Pro community, your members area will contain...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

* Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

* Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

Total Value: £4180 per year

On top of all of that... you’ll also get access to...

Speed Graphs

(the secret sauce of winning)

It’s the fastest horse who wins a race. If you’re anything like me, then numbers can get a bit confusing after a while.

When I realised that the key to winning was being able to spot the trends of horses which were improving and could run fastest in the race, I realised that I needed a way to do this visually.

A way which enabled me to see at a glance which horses were the fastest.

I came up with the idea of plotting horse speed ratings on graph paper, and did this with pen and paper for hundreds of races, and thousands of horses until I had it deadly effective. 

When it was deadly effective, I made a piece of software that created the graphs automatically and it went from taking me hours a day to just a few seconds!

All you need to do is open the speed graphs and find the fastest horses.

Like this...

Like Louise, when you start using Speed Graphs they almost instantly become your most vital tool.

There’s literally nothing that compares.

An absolutely incredible tool. I have been dabbling for a few years now and can honestly say that nothing compares. The information/stats are spot on. I love it and for me it is a vital tool.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve used speed figures before or not. 

You don’t need to know how speed figures work.

When you use a speed graph everything is visual.

All you need to do is...

* Look for the horses that are highest on the graph

* Look for horses whose lines are going upwards

These are the ones most likely to win a race.

Which means... as a Race Advisor Pro member you will get...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Total Value: £4624 per year

Which brings me to...

the secret pro-bettors don’t want you knowing!


With our unique, 1-click race pace, you’ll be using pace to find winners in seconds.

A single click gets you a complete breakdown of the “type” of pace that is going to happen in the race.

One more click puts an orange overlay on your race card to show you the pace of every horse in the race and... whether the horse has a preference for the pace it’s going to have.

Knowing a horse's pace preference is key to knowing whether it's going to like how the race is going to be run.


If you’ve tried using pace before and found it complex, I completely understand... it is!

Which is why we created pace descriptions. They tell you exactly what you need to look for, even if you've never used pace before. 

Here's an example.

As you can see, the pace description in this race tells us we need to look for Leaders or Early Pressers.

These will be the horses with the highest pace scores.

Quick, simple and you can get started using it instantly, whether you’ve tried pace before and found it confusing, or if you’ve never tried using pace before.

If you’re already a pace expert, this will cut your pace analysis time down to just seconds.

I peel back the curtain, remove the confusion and shine clarity on the information that’s important.

As Penny says…


This information makes so much sense. I had not thought about it in this way. Very enlightening. Brilliant work.


So far, as a Race Advisor Pro member, you'll get:

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

* Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

Total Value: £4864 per year

But what about when you see a horse perform really well.

What if you want to follow the horse? 

Automatically Track Horses With 1-Click

I call horses you want to track EyeCatchers, because they've caught your eye.

With a single click on the EyeCatcher icon, your horse will be automatically tracked for you.

What does that mean?

One click on the eye icon next to a horses name, on any race card, and it's immediately added to your EyeCatchers.

If you prefer to search for the horses you want to track, no problem. Go to your EyeCatcher settings and search for them.

Once you've added a horse as an EyeCatcher, and put as many notes as you want with it, you’ll be instantly alerted when those horses are next racing through a message on your dashboard and in your Daily Digest email (an email with all the important stats sent to you every morning).

Track your own horses, or track horses recommend by others.

Either way... tracking horses can pay dividends!

As Don said...

Michael, thank you again, yesterday, 6.00 Wolverhampton, Wailea Nights 16/1 winner, I got 25/1.

Don Copnell

If you want to track horses, EyeCatchers gives you the quickest, easiest and simplest way to do it.

Tracking horses isn't for you at the moment? No problem. EyeCatchers will be ready for you when you want it.

With EyeCatcher tracking in your software, once you join the Race Advisor Pro members club you'll now get:

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

Total Value: £5068 per year

Trainer and Jockey statistics fan? Now you can get...

Profit From Hot Trainers & Jockeys Every Day

Every time you login to your dashboard you'll see the strongest horses based on jockey and trainer performances, giving you instant insight into the best trainers and jockeys every day.

Trainers and jockeys train and ride horses.

But you probably knew that

They’re a major influence in how a horse performs.

Personally, I was never a fan of trainer and jockey statistics until I met Eddie Lloyd.

Eddie's a pro-bettor who loves trainer and jockey stats, so full credit goes to him for sharing this ingenious method and allowing me to share it with you.

Here's what you need to do to profit from hot trainers and jockeys every day...

Start by finding every trainer and jockey with a strike rate of 17% or higher.

Trainers and jockeys that win 17% or more of their races are performing well above average.

The average trainer only wins 11% of their races, the average jockey only wins 10% of their races!

Eddie told me to find all the trainers and jockeys each day that won 17% or more of their races.

I did what he said by making a spreadsheet of all them at each course each day.

Then he said… “look for the horses that have both a trainer AND jockey with over a 17% strike rate, make a note of them”.

At the bottom of my spreadsheet I made a note of these horses.

"Then", he continued, "check the going, distance and course strike rates for the horse. The horse must have won in at least one of those conditions. Any horses you find become your Daily Stat Pack contenders."

Taking these horses I applied the FMFR method to them and...

It worked!

Rather than having to do it via a spreadsheet, I made a report of every trainers and jockey each day that met the criteria.

But that was still taking me too long, so...

I also got the Daily Stat Pack contenders to be shortlisted and put on the dashboard in your members area every day.

This is what they look like, both the shortlisted Daily Stat Pack contenders and the more detailed list of trainers and jockeys.

If you’re thinking that you may not have time to use it, please don’t make that mistake, with the shortlisted contenders available every day all you need to do is apply the FMFR method to them.

Of course, if you’ve want to dig deeper, go and check out all the stats for the top trainers and jockeys each day.

Either way, like everything, when you use this in combination with the FMFR method it becomes deadly profitable.

I did a live event where I spoke about using the Daily Stat Pack.

During the event I reminded everyone how powerful it was. Just two days later John sent me this message.

Using the Daily Stat Pack, I followed yesterday’s Stat Pack Selections with interest. Out of 7 selections you had 4 winners (one was at 12/1 ISP) and 1 second. Outrageous! 

I for one will definitely be taking more notice of the stat pack in future!

John Bell

I’m sure he's still taking notice of them, because John’s that kinda guy. Once he finds something that works, he doesn’t let it go!

That means, included in your Race Advisor Pro membership is...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

* Hot Trainers and Jockeys Shortlisted inc. Daily Stat Pack Contenders (£300 per year)

Total Value: £5368 per year

Back in the late 1970’s there was racing publication called the Sporting Chronicle Handicap Book. 

This later changed into Raceform.

In 1978 Van Der Wheil proposed that readers of the publication should use it as a way to exchange systems with each other.

The idea was very popular, and it was suggested Van Der Wheil should also share his system, which he did.

But it wasn’t really a system, more of a method.

Which meant some people loved it and made great profits with it, others hated it and never managed to make it work.

To confuse matters further, he also did a lot of post-race analysis, showing winners he'd had after race had finished.

This, alongside claiming an 80% strike rate on the win market, meant both lovers and haters agreed to disagree.

As a racing enthusiast I had to dig into Van Der Wheil's method in more detail.

There are two ratings in his method, and both have merit.

But I was investigating them thirty five years after he first published the rules.

A lot of things had changed! 

So I went looking to see if I could improve his method using modern data.

The result… I improved on the original formula, and created new ratings from them.

New ratings included the VDW Score, which uses both Van Der Wheil's ratings (our updated versions) and the live Betfair market.

I also began calculating something I call VDW race scores for both the win and place markets.

The race scores show how effective Van Der Wheil ratings have been in the past on similar races.

Meaning... I'd know exactly which races to use them on and which races to skip.

It was immediately obvious how incredibly powerful this was.

There are races where Van Der Wheil horses win over 80% of the time.

The same amount of time that Van Der Wheil originally claimed!

So maybe he was right in what he was saying!

Van Der Wheil Ratings

(updated and improved!)

Race Advisor Pro's Van Der Wheil ratings take the legend to a whole new level.

Karen used VDW race scores and ratings hit 16/1 and 10/1 winners.

As a new member, I have to send this as I have been very pleased with the VDW ratings and, at the moment, am concentrating on those.

I have been moderately successful, however, today, Saturday 18th July, I can’t quite believe it.

2 fantastic winners, chosen solely from the ratings with a small cross reference to one of my own filters.

3.25 Newbury, Cabaletta, I got 16 on BF WON
3.40 York, Make My Day 10 BF WON

Thank you, the ratings are the best I have ever used.

Karen Rodgerson

She’s not the only one!

Hi Michael,
I won’t be the first or the last to tell you today that using your software, and clear video instructions, I trebled my bank.

Ok, in truth I started with £50, but staking 20/80 @ £10 (which I know is too much % wise). I wrote down your instructions using the VDW video and followed it.

I am AMAZED at how good today’s selections performed!

I’m not a complete newbie, I’ve tried many so called ‘systems’, but never experienced a day like today. What I like, and I’m not blowing smoke up yer poo shoot, is the fact you put yourself on screen and actually help people, unlike some of the chancers I’ve sent money to.

Hope tomorrow and next day and next day and…… are good also.

But a big thumbs up from me today.

Chris Higgins

If you think it looks like a lot of numbers, I don’t want you to think you can’t use it because of that.

Horse racing has a lot of numbers, but using our Van Der Wheil there’s only six.

* Two race scores, to determine if the race is going to be worth focusing on

* Four top scoring VDW horses.

Use those four horses with the FMFR method, and you’ll be off to a winning start whether you’re a seasoned horse racing bettor, or brand new to the game.

Included in your Race Advisor Pro membership is...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

Hot Trainers and Jockeys Shortlisted inc. Daily Stat Pack Contenders (£300 per year)

* Van Der Wheil Updated Ratings and Race Scores (£564 per year)

Total Value: £5932 per year

Remember the tale of the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo?

One of the most powerful tools you’ve ever seen for winning at horse racing are our...

Monte Carlo Simulations

I was wracking my brains about what was best to do.

I wanted to see what was going to happen in a race before the race had been run. 

So... I started researching into different advanced simulations. Things like neural networks and machine learning.

I went through lots of them until I came to Monte Carlo simulations.

It was love at first sight!

They are fast, effective and you can use as many ratings as you want in a simulation. 

After lots of testing, I found the sweet spot is between five and ten ratings in a simulation.

Back then I was doing everything in a spreadsheet, inputting all the data myself manually, and man it was hard work.

So I got it programmed.

This made it faster, but was still kinda hard to see what was going on. Which is when I put jockey silks onto the simulations and made them move to track the progress of each horse during the simulation.

Suddenly it was possible to see exactly what was likely to happen in a race, completely visually.

Now that power is at the end of your fingertips. Just four mouse clicks away for any race, on any day, at any time. 

This is what it looks like...

It couldn't be simpler!

Graham added sixty points to his betting bank, going from 140 points to 200 points, in just one day, using nothing more than the Monte Carlo Simulator.

He did it using dutch bets, where you bet on multiple runners in a race and reduce the risk.

I thought you might be interested in my efforts today. I chose only class 1 and 2 races, all of which were at Cheltenham.

For this exercise, I dutched each-way the horses from my MC simulation.
Results as follows:-

Race 1. 13:30 – win
Race 2. 14:10 win place place
Race 3. 14:50 place place place
Race 4. 15:30 place place place

My bank went from 140 points to 200.

Early days but promising.

Graham Shuttleworth

You don’t need to be a maths expert to use this simulator. 

You don’t need to use a spreadsheet. 

With four mouse clicks you can run a simulation on any race.

1) Press the button to open the simulator

2) Leave the settings as default and click Next

3) Leave the settings as default and click Next

4) Click Run 

In sixty seconds you’ll have the predictions from one of the most advanced horse racing simulations on the planet.

Adding the Monte Carlo simulator into your members area means you'll be getting:

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

Hot Trainers and Jockeys Shortlisted inc. Daily Stat Pack Contenders (£300 per year)

Van Der Wheil Updated Ratings and Race Scores (£564 per year)

* Advanced Monte Carlo Simulator Predictions (£804 per year)

Total Value: £6736 per year

It's great having these tools, but the big problem with horse racing is that you have to risk your money to practice.

Not any more!

The World's First Like-Real Racing Platform

Stops you ever needing to risk a penny while you practice your horse racing betting.

To get good at anything we need to practice. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s ballet, boxing, golf, football, or a musical instrument. The best of the best are the people who practice. And... it’s exactly the same for betting on horse racing.

If you want to be good at it you have to practice.

But, I realised the big problem we have as bettors is that we practice with real money!

When a ballet dancer practices, they lose time, but not money.

When a football player practices, they lose time, but not money.

When we practice horse racing betting, we lose money. 

That messes with us emotionally.

We don’t learn well because we don’t give ourselves the space and time to learn well.

We don’t give ourselves space and time because we don’t want to lose money.

I get it, I’m exactly the same. 

When we want to be good at something, we want to practice it, but we need to do this in an environment that’s risk free, otherwise we're already falling behind before we’ve even got started!

That’s why I created LikeReal Racing, and Aldermist, our LikeReal Racing race course.

There’s no other platform like this in the world. 

It was created by horse racing fans and bettors, to help horse racing fans and bettors become more successful.

LikeReal horse racing is a platform where every horse in the race has complete form. 

Every horse in the race are real horses that you know.

Every horse in the race is trained by real trainers and ridden by real jockeys.

Incredibly... every horse, trainer and jockey have full and complete racing history.

It’s the only environment in the world where you can analyse a simulated race, exactly like you would in the real world, where you can place simulated bets, test your systems, test your strategies, and watch the simulated races play out without risking a penny.

When you’re profitable on LikeReal Racing, you can start live betting with 100% confidence you’re already a winner! 

There’s no longer any reason to ever risk your money while you’re learning.

To make sure you are becoming more profitable all the time, every time you place on a LikeReal Racing race, the results go towards unique challenges that will help you progress from Novice to Betting God.

Aldermist the LikeReal Racing platform has been designed to make you the most profitable bettor you can be. When Neil first tried it, he was blown away.

I had a go last night using the Monte Carlo simulator and Aldermist.

I’m blown away by the quality of content here and how it’s designed.

I’ve used a lot of software in the past, but this is really something else.

Neil Walsh

If you’re new to betting, LikeReal Racing gives you the perfect place to learn, to test different systems, strategies and techniques, without ever having to risk a single penny.

Make all the mistakes you want and, with a race every ten minutes, you'll 10x faster than is possible on real racing!

Which means, as part of your Race Advisor Pro membership you'll get access to...

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

Hot Trainers and Jockeys Shortlisted inc. Daily Stat Pack Contenders (£300 per year)

Van Der Wheil Updated Ratings and Race Scores (£564 per year)

* Advanced Monte Carlo Simulator Predictions (£804 per year)

* World First Like-Real Racing Platform, Learn Strategies With Zero Risk (£444 per year)

Total Value: £7180 per year

And... if you want to build betting systems... then this is going to blow your mind!

The Ultimate Expert System Builder

Years in the making, it’s the ultimate system building tool.

With an innovative drag ‘n drop interface and dynamic flow, it’s never been easier for you to build profitable systems.

I’ve been frustrated by most of the system builders out there.

They restricted my ability to make profits with their fixed criteria. 

The endless procession of tables is frustrating.

And worse of all… the endless tables force you to backfit your betting systems. Backfitting is where you put system rules in place that only work on the races you are building your system with, and it results in systems that look great on paper (or screen) but perform horrendously in real life.

So… I decided to do it differently.

The Race Advisor Pro Expert System Builder is like a flow chart, and this has three huge profit-making benefits:

1) It’s quick and easy to see how the system works (just follow the flow)
2) Investigate all horses that match your criteria AND all horses that don’t at the same time! It’s incredible how often you find the profit is in a different place to where you thought it would be!
3) Use selections from multiple points in your system. Keep following the flow until you’ve found all profitable horses.

To make it easy to view your system, simply drag and drop any part of the flow and put it where you want.

Combine the Expert System Builder with the Race Advisor Pro's incredible ratings, you’ll find most profitable systems have five or less ratings in them!

Whether you know what bet type you want to focus on, or if you're not sure and want the profits to lead you, being able to create Back To Win, Lay To Win, Back To Place and Lay To Place systems gives you maximise flexibility.

How do you make sure you’re not backfitting? 

With the super-simple-to-use "Out Of Sample" feature will give you an instant answer to that question.

And if you want to be double sure… all systems find selections on our LikeReal platform as well, so you can practice before going live!

On average, each of our members is adding five systems a month to their portfolio. That’s how easy it is to win.

In just the first few weeks of use, James found a lay system that generated huge profits. And… he knew it was reliable because of our System Reliability score.

I have found a lay system with an 88% win rate, 99.9% reliability and over 1,000pts profit. Merry Christmas!

James Black

If you’re new to building horse racing systems, this is going to make it quick, easy and systematic to find the most profitable systems. 

If you’ve been building horse racing systems for some time, you’ll feel refreshed by being able to build profitable systems in a fraction of the time, and see exactly what is happening in your system flow chart.

For the first time, you can get access to a system builder that actually works for you!

So what you’re going to get as a Race Advisor Pro members is…

* All Foundational Strategies (value £2268 per year)
463 of the most powerful horse racing ratings known to man (value £324 per year)

Instant Contenders in EVERY Race! (value £664 per year)

Artificial Intelligence powered odds lines (£924 per year)

* Speed Graphs the Ultimate in Visual Analysis (£444 per year)

Instant Pace Descriptions, Preferences and Scores (£240 per year)

* EyeCatcher tracking with email alerts (£204 per year)

Hot Trainers and Jockeys Shortlisted inc. Daily Stat Pack Contenders (£300 per year)

Van Der Wheil Updated Ratings and Race Scores (£564 per year)

* Advanced Monte Carlo Simulator Predictions (£804 per year)

* World First Like-Real Racing Platform, Learn Strategies With Zero Risk (£444 per year)

* Expert System Builder to Rapidly Create Winning Betting Systems (£1164 per year)

Total Value: £8344 per year

Don’t forget, you’ll also be invited to join our private Facebook group community. This is a community of people who all have one thing in common… we’re serious about making profits from our horse racing.

What’s more… we share how we do it!

It's all part of our personal hero support.

Because here's the thing... most bettors lose because they are trying to force themselves into someone else's shoes. They're trying to make someone else's method work for them.

When you do that, you'll never succeed. 

You have to adapt your strategy to suit you.

Which can be kinda tough if you've never done it before!

The Race Advisor Pro hero support means you can contact us as often as you like, whenever you like, with any questions you like.

But unlike everybody else, I'm not just here to answer questions about how our software and training works.

I'm here to support you personally!

I charge £225 per hour for one-to-one consultation, which makes this priceless.

I'll help you choose the right Foundational Strategy. I'll help you adapt the strategy to suit you personally. I'll check your FMFR analysis, and help you improve it. I'll go through your systems and help you make them better.

You're not just left on your own. When you join Race Advisor Pro you become part of the family, I want you to succeed and will do everything possible to make that happen. 

You'll still have to put in the work. But if you're prepared to work and practice, together we'll make you a profitable bettor.

Race Advisor Pro is where profitable bettors hang out.

And that's not all!

You'll also get:

* Horse Racing Success video training (including the FMFR Method and SSP Staking)

* Quick start guides to using your software

* Daily UK and IRE race cards up to 78 hours in advance of racing

* Live updates on going, non-runners and abandoned meetings

* All ratings re-calculated automatically if the horses or conditions change

* The most valuable races highlighted each day

* Daily Digest email with contenders, system selections and highlights from your software

* Export ratings across seven years of historic data into CSV files

* Export system selections into CSV files

* Create unlimited custom race cards (containing unlimited ratings)

* Choose which of your race cards is the default

* Dynamic race card filters to open the race card you want automatically when a race matches your criteria

* Fast results and in-running comments on your race cards

* Mark horses as Eliminations and remove them from your race card so you can focus on the best horses

* Headgear flags, so you know when a horse is wearing headgear and what it is

* Complete UK and IRE horse racing history

* Mark horses as selections and build a list of horses you want to bet on later

* Live Betfair odds displayed on your race cards

* Monthly live training sessions held over Zoom

* Regular software updates

* Regular training updates

Now obviously, I’m not going to charge you £8,344 per year. 

But if I did charge you £8,344, and all it did was made you a successful horse racing bettor, would it be worth it to you?

If all it did was show you how to find winners and make a long-term profit, would it be worth £8,344?

If all it did was enable you to read and understand horse racing form in minutes, making you an instant expert in finding horse racing winners? Would it be worth £8,344?

If all it did was grow your bankroll rapidly, allowing you to start small, gain confidence and build a large bankroll, would it be worth £8,344?

I had two choices.

I could go as cheap as possible and try to sell as many as possible. But the problem with that is I couldn’t provide the hero support I believe is necessary to find success.

So I decided to go with the second option, which obviously requires a slightly higher investment on your side. But in exchange for that, my team and I can dedicate more time, energy and resources to help you find success.

The question is, if you had one successful horse racing strategy and you were finding long-term profits, what would it be worth to you?

How much would you pay to have that one successful strategy?

You can probably see why people pay me £225 per hour to help them become long-term profitable bettors, because it’s not a cost, it’s an investment.

You’ve already seen how it’s worth £8,344 per year.

Even at £8,344 per year it’s a great deal. But I’m not going to ask for that.

I’m only going to ask for just £813 per year.

At this point you have two choices.

You can choose to do nothing, and if you do nothing with the information you’ve learned over the last hour, what will you get? Nothing.

Or you can choose to become the master of your own destiny by making the change you need to start making a long-term profit from your betting.

So the real question is this…

Is it worth a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if you only decide to use one Foundational Strategy and get a long-term profit from it, it can pay for itself within a few months.

If you're ready to make the change to become a successful bettor, if you're prepared to put in the work, and if you're willing to ask me questions and let me personally help you adapt your betting strategies to make them work for you, then we're going to be a great fit.

Choose one of the options below, and I'll look forward to welcoming you to the family.


Instant Access






  • Foundational Strategies
  • Horse Racing Ratings
  • Expert System Builder
  • Instant Contenders
  • LikeReal Racing
  • Speed Graphs
  • EyeCatcher Horse Tracking
  • AI Odds Lines
  • VDW Ratings & Race Scores
  • Instant Pace Scoring
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Hottest Trainers & Jockeys
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions

Limited Availability





  • 30 Minute Private Monthly Call With Michael

  • Foundational Strategies
  • Horse Racing Ratings
  • Expert System Builder
  • Instant Contenders
  • LikeReal Racing
  • Speed Graphs
  • EyeCatcher Horse Tracking
  • AI Odds Lines
  • VDW Ratings & Race Scores
  • Instant Pace Scoring
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Hottest Trainers & Jockeys
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions

See you on the "other" side.

Michael Wilding

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really provide personal support to members?

Yup. Ask about and you'll find that we offer the best support there is. I believe this is more important than anything else to helping you become profitable. If you want my help all you need to do is ask.

Can I use the software on a Mac or Windows machine?

The software is hosted on our servers. This means as long as your computer or laptop can access the internet you're good to go, it doesn't matter whether it's Mac or Windows. Even better, when we release an update there's nothing to download, nothing to install, it just appears when you next login. 

Will you give me a refund if it's not for me?

No. All sales are non-refundable, so please make sure you consider joining carefully. We don't just provide software and video training, I personally spend huge amounts of time with new members to make sure they are comfortable, know exactly what strategy to start with, adapt them and then work with you ongoing until your strategy is long-term profitable. 

Why don't you offer a trial like ____?

Race Advisor Pro is for bettors who want to become long-term profitable. This can't be done in a week or a month. It requires a commitment to learn and work towards that goal. If you're not sure whether you're ready to commit to success, Race Advisor Pro isn't for you at the moment.

Can you guarantee my success?

No. I will spend as much time as necessary to get you profitable, but you are responsible for implementing what you learn and practicing. If you put in the time and effort, there's no reason you can't be a long-term profitable bettor. Some people achieve it in two-three months, and others it may take a year. How much time you have to practice usually determines how long it takes.

Is it okay to use Betfair or another betting exchange?

Of course. You can place your bets with whichever betting exchange or bookmaker you want to. As the largest betting exchange our software shows live odds from Betfair, which means you'll always know what odds you can get a bet on without any possibility of having your account restricted due to winning.

I'm brand new to betting and have no idea what I'm doing, is that a problem?

Not at all. It may take a bit longer for you to become familiar with race cards, and what different numbers in horse racing mean. But I've made videos to go through all that. If you're new to horse racing then you won't have learned bad habits, which means you'll be able to start on the right path from the beginning.

Do you send tips?

Absolutely not. 99.99% of people will not make consistent long-term (multiple years) profit from tips. Tips are designed by someone else to suit them, they are very unlikely to suit you. In order to be a profitable bettor you must first start by understanding what type of strategy and selections will suit you based on risk, time and bankroll, and expectation of what can be achieved. As you'll discover, finding winners is easy, understanding what type of betting strategy suits you is the key.

What return on investment should I expect?

We aim for a minimum of 5% return on turnover, when this (or higher) is hit then we stop adapting the strategy and let it run. Usually trying to squeeze more return out of a strategy at this points results in breaking it. However, your potential return will be based on the the type of strategy that suits you and the volume of bets you like, some members make far higher than 5%.

Can the software be used on all racing throughout the year?

It can. We currently provide race cards and data for all UK and IRE racing, every day of the year there is racing.

Is this a subscription and can I cancel it?

This is a subscription service. You can cancel it at anytime. When you join you will lock-in the price that you join at, it will never increase for as long as you are a continuous member. If you cancel I can't guarantee you will be able to re-join at the same price.


Instant Access





  • Foundational Strategies
  • Horse Racing Ratings
  • Expert System Builder
  • Instant Contenders
  • LikeReal Racing
  • Speed Graphs
  • EyeCatcher Horse Tracking
  • AI Odds Lines
  • VDW Ratings & Race Scores
  • Instant Pace Scoring
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Hottest Trainers & Jockeys
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions

Limited Availability





  • 30 Minute Private Monthly Call With Michael

  • Foundational Strategies
  • Horse Racing Ratings
  • Expert System Builder
  • Instant Contenders
  • LikeReal Racing
  • Speed Graphs
  • EyeCatcher Horse Tracking
  • AI Odds Lines
  • VDW Ratings & Race Scores
  • Instant Pace Scoring
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Hottest Trainers & Jockeys
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions