How much profit have you made from horse racing in the last six months?

What about the last year?

I'd bet that you were planning on making a lot more than what you did!

How many times have you tried a new tipster or a new betting system, just to realise a few weeks in that it's not working?

If you're anything like me, then you're going to have tried a lot of them. If you're new to horse racing, congratulations, you haven't had to go through that painful journey yet, and by the time you've finished reading this, you will never have to go through the pain that the rest of us have experienced.

I was working as a junior footwear designer, looking for new ways to make a bit of extra money. Having been an actor, doing unusual part-time jobs was something I was used to. I came across an advert telling me how I could make some extra money doing very little work, I bought into it. It completely failed for me, and I lost both the investment and the money spent on the bets.

I wanted to be able to take my girlfriend to nice restaurants and enjoy living in London. I wanted to be able to spend my time doing the things I enjoyed, rather than not being able to afford to do anything, or relying on others.

My family were helping me to cover bills, which in London are high. I wanted to show them and my girlfriend that I could support myself and be successful. That their faith in letting me go down whatever path I chose would be rewarded.

I tried a lot of things that didn’t work. I used various tipsters and tipping services. I tried betting systems. I spent hours in forums trying to learn what successful people were doing. Everything I did ended up being unsuccessful in a matter of weeks, or even days.

That's when I realised that...

The So-Called 'Experts' Knew Less Than Me!

Instead of finding success from their horse racing, they were finding it from selling their horse racing information. So instead, I decided to look at poker. I learned the ins and outs of poker and by so doing, honed my maths skills. Within a few months I was grinding out a profit at online poker tables, but I found it boring, as well as having to do my regular job during the day. So I took the lessons I’d learnt, and put it back into learning all about horse racing. Eventually I started to make small profits regularly.

I was just beginning to find my way around a horse racing, and could almost touch the possibility of long-term success, when my betting account got closed down. I only had one at the time, and trying to open another resulted it in being shut after the first few bets. 

It felt like all the work and effort had come to nothing because, just when I’d started to find success, nobody would let me place a bet.

I hadn’t told anybody yet that I was starting to find success. If I couldn’t place a bet that would mean I would need to keep working in a job I wasn’t enjoying, and I would feel, yet again, that I wasn’t able to achieve the success everybody thought me capable of.

Frustrated. Angry. My Only Choice Was To Look Elsewhere

I decided I would start looking at U.S. and Australian racing. They use tote pools instead of bookmakers; a way of betting into a pool where winners divide the pool between themselves. This means that they always accept a bet. I’d spend all night and early morning watching the racing and going through the markets, get a few hours rest, and then go and work.

It was at this time that I came across Dave Schwartz, a U.S. professional horse racing bettor who owned a horse racing software tool. I followed his threads and his advice, and then got the opportunity to speak with him a few times about his methods and how he looked at the puzzle of horse racing.

Dave showed me that finding winners wasn’t the biggest problem. Winners could be found every day in hundreds of different ways. The problem was that most bettors tried to go from losing to profits in one single step. They wake-up one morning and decide to be profitable. But that’s just not possible to do. You have to go through the entire journey to be able to make it work for you. You can’t just decide to be profitable, and have it happen overnight. He also mentioned Betfair, a betting platform in the UK, which had only been around for a few years then. He wished it was available in the U.S. It was a platform that matched two people together who agreed to place a bet with each other, and they took a commission. This meant they would accept anybody’s bets, it didn’t matter whether you were successful or not.

I found this incredibly exciting. I dug into the various strategies I’d been using, and very quickly realised that I’d been doing exactly what Dave said, I’d been focusing on the end goal, and not on the important steps to get there. Immediately I realised that a few of my methods would never work for me, and I stopped using them.

I headed over to Betfair, created an account, and sure enough they allowed me to place bets. As a bonus, the odds were even better than the bookmakers had been offering.

I realised from this experience, that the secret to success in horse racing wasn’t about trying to find a profit, it was about creating a success bridge that allowed you to walk from the place you are now, across to the side of success. By laying solid foundations, and moving across the bridge one step at a time, you can focus on the most important element of each step. The aim was success, but the focus was the step you were on.

I realised the most powerful way to succeed was by sharing what I learned with others

I got so excited by this information that I decided in order to practice it, I had to share it. I only came across it by the chance of someone sharing it with me, and I realised the most powerful way to succeed was by sharing what I learned with others, and in return take what they shared with me into my own methods. To do that I decided to start a blog where I would write about what I was doing, my ideas and journey, and get others to tell me about theirs. It would also keep me focused and on track to get the success I wanted.

I wrote hundreds of blog posts, tested hundreds of ideas, and spoke with many many people. The more I did, the more I crafted my own methods, and the more I realised that the success bridge was a framework which would work for anybody.

The more I practiced, the better I became at reading races, and building betting strategies that found winners. Even better, the more people I shared my methods and strategies with, the more people found success with horse racing. I discovered the pleasure of helping others achieve their goals, in the same way Dave had helped me achieve mine. So far, over half a million people have read my blog posts, and implemented the strategies and techniques I’ve shared.

In the process of discovering that helping others achieve their goals was even better than achieving my own, I created software to speed-up my own methods and enable me to have more time to help others. As with everything, I shared these and, by doing so, others shared their ideas with me, together we made them better and better. It accelerated the journeys and transformation of the people around me, which was incredible to watch, and can be seen happening every day in our forums. 

Our Foundational Strategies Could Be Doing This To Your Betting Account

And that's just the contenders from two of our many Foundational Strategies!

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I’ve seen people with no horse racing experience become successful within months, and others with a lot of experience increase their profits 5X, 8X and 10X.

Finding horse racing success requires a framework that you can follow, step-by-step. A method for creating your own success bridge that's going to allow you to cross from where you are now, to the success on the other side.

That's why, when you become part of the Race Advisor Pro Member community, I'm going to:

  • Personally help you to build your success bridge. I will be with you every step of the way to create the foundations for your success bridge, and then guide you across it, step-by-step
  • Share my Foundational Strategies. These strategies give you the strongest starting point possible to found your success on. Stop wondering where to begin, select the one most suited to you and get started instantly.
  • Stop worrying about too many people following your winning method. Why? Because your winning method will be unique to you. It doesn't matter how many people use the Foundational Strategies, they're designed to be the building blocks you need to win. Every single person using them will develop a different system, strategy or method, which means your winners are going to be unique to you. Nobody can take them away from you, and they won't lose their edge in the market.
  • Learn why focusing on profit is a mistake. When you focus on making profit, you lose. But you already know that because that's what you've been doing. Start focusing on the right things, and the profit will happen, because when you're doing it right, you can't help but make profit.
  • Why how you're currently betting is costing your hundreds, probably thousands, in loss profit every year. You've probably had successful strategies in the past that you stopped using. 99% of all horse racing bettors would have been successful if they understood this one thing, and why it causes almost everyone to lose.

I want to do one thing, make you successful in horse racing. I want you to send me a testimonial like this:

"Other ratings services were too hit and miss so I let their subscriptions expire and returned to the one that I should never have left Race Advisor. Your advice has always made sense." - Dave

I could have chosen one of many testimonials talking about how much profit has been made. But I didn't, because somebody else making profit isn't any use to you.

I want YOU to make a profit

There's a reason that people who leave, always come back to our community. It's because they know that we don't just provide the best software, ratings and tools, we provide the framework to enable you to find success.

Without the framework you're just floundering. Without the framework you're guessing.

It's time to stop guessing. It's time to stop relying on someone else to send you a "winning" horse via email or text. It's time to make the most important bet of your life...

It's time to bet on you.

I know you can be successful. You know you can be successful. Now is the time to take the leap of faith in yourself and prove you can be, with the support of the most successful pro-betting community on the planet.

And the best tools and strategies:

  • Daily UK and IRE race cards. Complete race cards with all the races for the UK and IRE provided every day in your software, available up to 72 hours in advance
  • Live going updates. The ground condition of a race track, known as the going, can be updated throughout the day. Get live updates so you always know the correct ground conditions for any race
  • Best daily races at a glance. With a dashboard that marks the highest value races at any race track, know instantly which are races are going to have the best horses racing in them
  • The Eyecatcher goldmine. If you watch races then you probably follow horses. After all, if a horse runs a great race, then you're going to want to make sure you're following it next time it runs. A single click adds any horse to your Eyecatchers and will notify you the next time the horse is racing
  • Turning connections into winners. See instantly the horses with the strongest trainers and jockeys each day. Stop spending hours investigating the trainer and jockey strike rates by using the Daily Stat Pack contenders each day
  • Ratings that force you to find profits. With the most comprehensive set of horse racing ratings available, there is no stone left unturned. If it's possible to measure a horses performance, we've measured it, and now you can get unrestricted access to the same ratings that the leading pro bettors and tipsters use. Create unlimited race cards, with unlimited combinations of ratings

There's a reason that we count many of the leading horse racing tipsters amongst our community

Because I do one thing, and I do it well, I teach you how to get horse racing success. 

Once you've got that success you can keep it for yourself or share it with others. What would you do?

  • I'll choose the ratings for you. Having a lot of ratings is great for uncovering endless profitable angles, but can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. So I've created a race card for you. Get started immediately using just eleven ratings. When you're ready, create as may custom race cards, with as many of our ratings on as you like
  • Export everything.  Yup, in the interests of sharing, you can export all of our ratings both for the current and future race days and all historic race days as well!
  • Leading websites stole this from us! Elimination removal. We were the first software online to allow you to eliminate a horse from a race card. It's the very first thing you want to do when looking at a race, eliminate the horses that have no chance. It free-up the race card. It gives you less to look at. It allows you to focus on the horses that matter. You'll see that now major websites have implemented the same thing. Why? Because it works. But what the other sites are missing, is how to use this to killer effect to laser focus on the strongest horses
  • Pinpoint with laser accuracy when a horse is ready to win. Complete horse history for every horse, doesn't just show you every race they've ever been in, and how they performed; It also shows you every rating they had for every race they've been in, so you can pinpoint with laser accuracy what ratings a horse had when it was winning. All you need to ask yourself is whether the horse is still getting the same ratings now it was when it last won!
  • Never forget a selection again. Found a horse you like, stop writing it down on a scrap of paper, or saving a note on your phone. Mark the horse as a selection and get it saved straight to your dashboard. You can come back whenever you want and see which horses you have picked
  • Live Betfair odds feed comes straight into every race card so you know, without ever leaving your software, the exact odds for every horse on every race card
  • Instant contenders with a single click. There's a lot of horses in each race. Around about 13 on average. That means if there's only four meetings there's over 300 horses racing in a single day. Some days there's more than 600 horses racing! Where the heck do you start? By checking the instant contenders available on any race card. Based on a proprietary algorithm, we show the three strongest horses in every race with the single click of a button.
  • Odds lines that are built to win. For long-term horse racing success you have to have value. Knowing whether the odds on a horse are offering value is no longer the reserve of the horse racing elite. Now YOU have the power to know instantly whether the odds are offering value. With our unique odds line, we provide the expected odds for every horse, in every race, every single day. Any horse highlighted in green has odds that are offering value
  • VDW ratings that show you the horses which will win 98% of the time! VDW is short for Van Der Wheil, a popular method of rating horses to find the winner 

Van Der Wheil, nicknamed the Flying Dutchman, published his method of rating horses in the Sporting Chronicle, which shut down in 1983. Since then horse racing fans have been using his methods to try and find winners.

There were some major issues with his method. Horse racing changes, and using the same tired techniques no longer works.

Which is why we took the technique, and rocket-fuelled it for success in today's horse racing.

Not only did we improve the original ratings, we calculated a race score using an "intelligent system", which dynamically tells us how often the VDW ratings have accurately predicted the winners in similar races.

Using this, we know exactly which races to use VDW on and which to skip, and with the top four horses winning as much as 98% of the time in historic races, there's no quicker way to find the true contenders (strongest horses) in a horse race.

  • Pace, clear the confusion and start using it to win. Pace ratings can be confusing. With our smart pace predictor, you will be told what type of pace a horse needs to win a race. A single click brings up a horse's pace ratings, so you can instantly see which runners meet the criteria
  • The lazy man's way to analyse a race. A technique shared with me by Dave, known as Reynolds Ranking, combines every rating on a race card into a single figure. See at a glance which are the strongest contenders in a race based on every single rating on a race card. Change the race card for one with different ratings, the Reynolds Ranking will re-calculate dynamically in a fraction of a second
  • Numbers make your eyes go funny? Me too. There's a lot of numbers in horse racing. Until now there was no other way to analyse a horse race. Our pioneering speed graphs have changed everything. See exactly which horses have run the fastest, under the same race conditions they're about to race in. If the line goes up the horse is improving, if it goes down the horse is declining. It doesn't get any simpler. If you don't like numbers, this is how you find winners without ever looking at a number
  • See a race before it's ever run. Using the power of Monte Carlo simulations, you can run a simulation of the race before it has been run. With three button clicks, you can simulate a race being run a thousand times, see the strongest horses that get to the lead in real-time on your screen.
  • All this power on any device. Our software is hosted in the cloud, you can use it on a PC or a Mac. You can use it on a desktop or a laptop. Heck, you can even use it on a tablet or a mobile, but I'd recommend the biggest screen possible. There's nothing to install. There's nothing to download. There's nothing to update. Just login and get access to everything in one place
  • The strongest horses contained in one daily email. When you're short on time it can be hard to know which races to look at in more detail. The solution? Our Daily Digest, sent straight to your inbox every morning, contains the strongest horses and races each day. Click the link and open the race card to analyse the horse or race in more detail and decide whether you want a bet
  • Power of sharing. The Race Advisor forum is rapidly becoming the go-to place for horse racing fans to share their methods and techniques, ask questions, and get answers from the most successful horse racing community online
  • Become profitable 10X faster. With our trademark pending LikeReal Racing platform we created a world-first platform, which allows horse racing bettors to practice their strategies in a LikeReal environment. Races are every ten minutes, with the horses you love, trainers and jockeys you know, and full real racing history, giving you the ability to analyse and place simulated bets on up to 144 races a day. For the first time in the history of horse racing, you can become profitable without risking a penny, knowing that when you place your first real bet, you're already going to be successful!

But let's take a moment here, because this isn't going to be for everyone.

If you want to be successful you've got to do some work. 

If you're expecting someone to give you a tip each day, then this isn't going to be for you. Go back to wondering why tipsters have never worked for you, and trying the next best one. I'll be happy to teach you how to become successful when you're sick of letting tipsters take your money and leave you with losses.

Don't want to do any work? This isn't going to be for you. I'm here to provide you with a framework to success. I'll show you the steps you need to take to win. I'll help you build your success bridge, choose your foundational strategies, help you adjust them and make them work for you.

But you have to do the learning. You have to do the practicing.

There's no such thing as overnight riches. If that's what you're expecting, then find someone promising that, and come back here when it doesn't work out.

However... if you're prepared to put in the work, if you're prepared to practice, then I'll help you achieve the horse racing success you've dreamed of.

Anybody can find horse racing success. Male or female. Young or old. New or experienced. 

There's only one thing which separates the successful horse racing fans from the losers... 

Successful Bettors Will Do Whatever It Takes To Win

I could go on and on. But here's the deal:

The Race Advisor Pro Members Club is the ultimate software and training to become a successful horse racing bettor. It's designed to be used, practiced and implemented. It comes with the best horse racing ratings, odds lines, tools, strategies, training and software in existence. I'll personally help you to select the right strategy and guide you to success, adapting as we go based on the results you're getting. 

I want you to win, and will spend whatever time is necessary to make that happen for you, and make you a horse racing hero.

It costs £127 to join, and then £47 a month.

It's for bettors who are playing to win.

Click the button below and become a member today.

You might be wondering how much it would cost to set this up on your own. I know I get asked that weekly.

So here's the break-down:

Raw horse racing data = £18,000 per year

Servers to hold the data = £3000 per year

Developer to program tools and ratings = £24,000 per year

That's £45,000 per year for the basic setup, before you start to create the tools and ratings that enable you to walk away as a winner.

Time to develop horse racing ratings = 3 years

Time to design algorithms and tools to predict winners = 5 years

Time to create a framework for repeatable success = 4 years

And don't forget...

Expertise and support to become a profitable bettor = Priceless

The average full-time UK salary is currently £36,611. That makes the time invested worth £439,332.

But the cost for you is just £127 to join, and then £47 per month.

That's just 0.13% of the cost to do it yourself.

Click the button below and become a member today.

All the best,

Michael Wilding

"The Race Advisor"

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